Situated in Santa Barbara in an area bounded on the east by Oak Park, on the north by De La Vina Street, on the west by Las Positas Road, and on the south by the old Coast Highway and the railroad. 

The topography of the area is gently rolling hills with most of the bungalow style homes affording mountain views and some even peaks of the ocean. Built primarily from 1930-1950, these homes create a neighborhood full of charm, with close proximity to both uptown and downtown districts of Santa Barbara.

Samarkand means “the land of heart’s desire” in the archaic Persian tongue.  It identified the fabulous Asian city where a mythical Queen Scheherazade spent her 1001 Arabian nights.  In Santa Barbara, the melodic oriental name was first applied in 1920 to a deluxe Persian style hotel, formerly a boy’s school. Samarkand later became identified as its own neighborhood and currently has approximately 630 homes on 184 acres (0.74 km2) with a population of about 2000 people.

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